Thank you

Dear Friends,

We fought a good fight, and I want to say thank you! So many people have helped me in this campaign over these past few months. I could not have done it without the loving support and passion from many of you. I am eternally grateful for your sacrifices, energy, and encouragement.

I joined this incredible campaign adventure to bring common sense and unity back to the City Council. As a first-time candidate, we started out relatively unknown-- but by the end, we walked in every neighborhood in Cupertino, we knocked on thousands of doors, met thousands of neighbors, had dozens of meets and greets, made hundreds of phone calls, and made real connections along the way. This experience has truly made me fall in love with our community again and have great faith in the strength of neighbors and our collective future.

One thing is clear from the election -- the residents of Cupertino are hungry for action. We must do more to deliver on our climate, housing, and public safety goals for our community.

But most importantly, as this election proved, we must do more to restore faith in our government and in our city's leadership. Our city is worth it. If we fail to do that, we will fail not just for ourselves, but for the next generation as well. It's in that spirit, that I want to congratulate the candidates-elect on their victory, Sheila Mohan, JR Fruen and Liang Chao-- they will represent our city for the next 4 years. I speak for many when I say, we wish you well in this work, and will be rooting for your city all the way.

Let me say this about our campaign-- I leave with no regrets. With close to 7000 votes counted, I was honored to serve the people of Cupertino as a Candidate and I am extraordinarily honored to continue to serve our community in my current capacity, as The President of our local Cupertino Chamber of Commerce & Rotarian.

Although this chapter is closed, we all must continue to stand up for what’s right – in the right way. Our City and our Community is worth fighting for. Thank you, Cupertino, from the bottom of my heart.


Claudio Bono 

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